Month: September 2019


Reinvention is Sexy

Committed is what we are because of the call inside. Our gut yelled “it’s time to write your book, today is the day to launch the podcast, and don’t forget your dream to become an entrepreneur.” Time proved it’s best to take a listen, plan then make a move.


Chalkboard, Good Job, Reinvention

While cruising the Mediterranean, I heard a young girl from Wales belt out the song, “The Story of My Life.” That young girl, stumbled on the verse at times, but when it came to the chorus, she owned it!


Comedy Podcasts

Many podcasts are available to subscribe to and watch in a variety of genres, and one of these is the comedy podcast. Every small scale wannabe writer has a chance to become a comedian through podcasting, since the low entry cost allows people to start podcasting with minimum effort and money. To find some of these comedy podcasters, check a podcast directory. A podcast directory is a listing of many, sometimes several thousands, of podcasts submitted and divided into categories. A podcast directory will probably have a large number of comedy podcasts available to subscribe to.

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