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Margo Lovett – Reinvented woman, Podcaster, Author, Thought Leader

Recently I was a guest on Margo's podcast. It was a delight and pleasure to be present with an insightful host. She asked questions that kept the conversation moving forward and allowed for the moment to take us to the next thing without needing an agenda or script. I really enjoyed the experience. Thank you, Margo.

Eva Vennari

No B.S. Healer

Margo, the consummate professional! I so enjoyed the radio interview that focused on my new book, The Perennial Workforce and the need for Baby Boomers to brand themselves in order to attract the right opportunities. You were engaging and enthusiastic which led to an energetic interview. Thank you!

Marva Goldsmith

Management Consultant

Margo is changing things for those who are looking to become corporate dropouts. She is an inspiration to those who are in corporate America but want to transition into a career or business that is more fulfilling and exciting.

Audrey Bell-Kearney

Good Morning Gwinnett
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