Episode 2: Panel discussion with the authors of The Hidden Psychological Effects of Money on Black Women

The Hidden Psychological Effects of Money of Black Women is a collection of experiences by a group of Black women, who have learned to have a strong relationship with money. Learning to have a friendship with money, and understanding how money really works is magical. Knowing how the relationship will help anyone manage their finances is even better. It is not enough just to put a beautiful spreadsheet together that spells out individual financial responsibilities, it the realization of what the spreadsheet means.

~ Life is wonderful when you are able to find your Financial Voice. You learn to teach others to do what you know.

Anita R Johnson, Financial Psychologist, is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and founder of Money Wisdom for Women. After coming to California, Anita knew she was going to be a leader in finance.

Anita has over 30 years of experience in Accounting, Taxation, & Finance, helping entrepreneurs find their financial voice. After settling into entrepreneurship in 1998 with Anita R Johnson & Associates as the parent company, she quickly founded Money Wisdom for Women to help women upgrade their unhealthy financial habits to healthy habits, helping them make sound financial decisions.

Anita takes an integrated approach to money, focusing on enhancing your financial well-being, while understanding your emotional behavior around money. Anita knows once a client understands their anxiety around money, he/she can make clear and concise money decisions that will affect your legacy.

Ms. Johnson has been seen on FOX 40, Good Day Sacramento, – Channel 31. Contributing writer for The Sacramento Observer, and countless other online news outlet. She has been interviewed and quoted Online, JPMorgan Chase online, Glamour magazine & countless other.

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