I joined the high school wrestling team because, Brian Bowker, my coach, was open-minded enough to see past gender and make a challenge to a struggling kid whom may seek benefit from a sport like wrestling.

In 2002, I joined the United States Army to pay for college because my mother taught me that money doesn’t grow on trees.

I achieved Olympic-Caliber status by participation at the World Freestyle Wrestling Championships in 2007, 2012, and 2015 for Team USA.

I am a Wife & Mother.  May God bless them today and everyday. Amen.

I am Captain in the Medical Service Corps of the United States Army, Individual Ready Reserve.  I hold my place there after 14 years to focus on a different life mission.

I am 2015 World Bronze Medalist in Women’s Freestyle Wrestling; one of my highest achievements in Wrestling.

I was a prestigious member of the Army’s World Class Athlete Program and currently still a member of the historical New York Athletic Club.

I started a company to accommodate the need for girl’s wrestling appar

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