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Her Business Her Voice Her Reinvention




Her Business – Her Voice – Her Reinvention: How I Went From Game Show Hopping To International Show Host, Author & Speaker In 1 Year

The thought of downsizing, out sourcing, fired & quit are alarming circumstances when you have worked at a company for a long time, and you are a female baby boomer. What do you do when you have to own those words? Death, divorce, children, health, family are opportunities for change and may present a new reality quickly. So when shaking change happens, what’s next?

This book is about reinventing yourself after life has been life, you are not a kid any longer, and change should, is going to, or already has happened. I had the audacity to quit my job after 26 years. I am a female baby boomer. Life washed me in hot water, spun me with centrifugal force and I could not find my center for a while. Let me tell you (and I will in a very transparent way) that pieces of me (old and new) started to come together like Ezekiel’s bones. Today I am a certified Reinvented One! Destined to be a bestselling author, and can’t wait to “stand at the chalkboard” with you!Let’s discuss a few things like, how reinvention starts with you.

Did you know that S to the 3rd power is the unsung hero to building success? Dance & celebrate! I want you to give yourself permission to celebrate meeting set goals, successes! Her Business Her Voice Her Reinvention is my story and a conversation between fierce reinvented women out to make sure that anybody who has, or wants to reinvent themselves with success, is supported with information & real talk motivation


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