Millette Jones


Margo is one of the most engaging, lively interviewers I have worked with in my years of podcasting. Her positivity, energy, and professionalism literally draw people to her, she is a pro in all sense of the word.

Michelle Y. Talbert

Her Power Moves

Margo uses her amazing podcasting platform to elevate both her guests and her listeners. Her show is a must listen!

Audrey Bell-Kearney

Good Morning Gwinnett

Margo is changing things for those who are looking to become corporate dropouts. She is an inspiration to those who are in corporate America but want to transition into a career or business that is more fulfilling and exciting.

Recently I was a guest on Margo's podcast. It was a delight and pleasure to be present with an insightful host. She asked questions that kept the conversation moving forward and allowed for the moment to take us to the next thing without needing an agenda or script. I really enjoyed the experience. Thank you, Margo.

Eva Vennari

No B.S. Healer

Margo, Kudos to you! Not only are you an accomplished author, but you are an excellent radio host. I was glad when you asked me to appear on your show, but even more grateful once I saw how well prepared you were as an interviewer. Your thorough reading and synthesis of my book made for a very organic and I believe impactful interview for your listeners. Keep up the great work! The best is yet to come! Seeking First God's Kingdom and His Righteousness Matthew 6:33

Dr. Walter R. Tucker, III

Pastor & Former Congressman

Margo has the spirit of the entrepreneur and the heart of a champion! Authentic, professional, and loving are the words that best describe Margo Lovett. She's great at what she does, she loves what she does, and she loves helping people. Master connector (Margo knows everybody!) she's eager to help you get to that next level, whatever it is. But I recommend her for helping me get into this Podcasting arena. She's patient, knowledgeable, and strategic. A perfect coach if you're nervous about taking this new medium on. You won't be disappointed!

Amber Wynn


This woman is such a delight, I don't know if I have enough words to share my thoughts about her. I was recently on her Podcast program, Her Business, Her Voice, Her Conversation, and we had such a marvelous time! I was completely at ease and relaxed. In the short time I've known Margo, she's taught me the strength of a woman's will, the determination of a woman's soul, and the warmth of a woman's smile. She has all of those. She brings her authentic self to each conversation and offers guests on her show a chance to showcase their wayward selves. People know that when I say 'wayward' in combination with 'woman' it means determination, scrappy, and full of the "I won't back down" attitude we want our daughters to have, today. That's what you get with Margo. All of that and years of experience to help you bring out your voice, your story, your life's purpose.

Yvonne Di Vita

Big Idea Facilitator and Mentor

Marva Goldsmith

Management Consultant

Margo, the consummate professional! I so enjoyed the radio interview that focused on my new book, The Perennial Workforce and the need for Baby Boomers to brand themselves in order to attract the right opportunities. You were engaging and enthusiastic which led to an energetic interview. Thank you!

Danielle Fuhrman

Image & Color Consultant

I was just interviewed by Margo and what a gracious host(ess). Margo made it so easy to be interviewed and what fun we had. If you have the opportunity to be on her show, I highly recommend it. You won't regret one second of it!! I can't wait to be on her show again or have her on my show once it's up and running!

Eboni L. Truss


Margo is an amazing, heart-centered host, speaker, and coach who loves what she does and loves who she serves. It was such a tremendous pleasure and honor to be featured on her podcast because I understand the high caliber of guests she routinely has. She was phenomenal to work with!

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